Tuesday, April 15, 2014

An open letter to "The Revenant's"
 Friends and Readers

The time has come.  It's time for The Revenant to move on and as the Chevrolet slogan advocates, Find New Roads.
Just what that means is that at this point I no longer foresee being able to continue this blog since most of my time and writings will be directed to a totally new and exciting venture celebrating AMERICA'S SPORTS CAR.  Due to overwhelming support and requests from readers I am starting a my own professionally designed website designed for the serious Corvette enthusiast and collector.  The new site is known as  Corvetted.  All future posts about the Corvette, the Corvette Collector market, Corvette auctions, Corvette events and even some Corvette history will be on my new web site www.corvetted.com.  Currently the site is not accessible and is currently in the final stages of beta testing. The site should go live by May 1, 2014.  I think you will agree that Corvetted is greatly improved and a truly professional Corvette site designed for the serious Corvette enthusiast and collector.    Here is a brief overview of just what Corvetted is about. 

Enthusiasts - Start your engines!
   is about to launch
Corvetted © was created to offer every Corvette enthusiast, owner and collector interesting, entertaining, and historical stories of America’s favorite sports car.   Corvetted will report on and analyze the most current Corvette collector market conditions, outlook and trends as well as provide unbiased reviews of the major auctions which feature Corvettes.  We will look at upcoming Corvette  events.  In addition we will give an honest no-holds-barred review of Corvette vendors and dealers for both collector cars and new Corvettes, products, services, books and events without the pressure from advertisers or special interests which too often taint reviews on other sites who don’t want to jeopardize their advertising income or product “freebees”.  And when Corvetted reviews a dealer, business, service department or product that excels we will also let you know about them because as owners and enthusiasts of the finest sports car, shouldn’t you also have the finest experience when it comes to products and services.  Our commentaries are ever-popular, always engaging, frequently thought provoking, occasionally amusing and sometimes controversial.  And we will attempt not to copy or duplicate what other good sites are already doing.  So rather than tell the same story over and over we will post direct feeds from the best sites so you can read their stories on their sites.  In addition to the direct feeds from a select group of outstanding sites Corvetted will also have a section devoted to Corvette links by subject so you won’t have to waste your time searching for hours through frequently irrelevant internet search results.  Only the best and most accurate and trusted sites will be listed for your quick reference.  We will have weekly features centered on the Corvette experiences and a photo gallery to show our reader’s Corvettes as well as other interesting examples.  The best part is that the site is designed to interest all ages whether you’re still dreaming of your first Corvette or you’re an experienced owner or collector, which means we are flexible and will be adapting the site to offer more of what our readers are looking for in a Corvette site. 

We are busy at work putting the finishing touches on your Corvetted site and hope you will not only stop by when our site goes live in mid April but become a “vetted” daily reader and member of our Corvetted community. 

Thanks and I hope you will visit Corvetted daily.

Rick Tavel

Editor Corvetted®©


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