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Corvette Blogger The #1 Corvette Blog Site in the US

Corvette Blogger The World's #1 Corvette Blog
by RickTavel© August 20, 2013

Keith Cornett in Monterey, California testing the new C7 Corvette

Some of you probably know that my favorite Corvette website is Keith Cornett's Corvette Blogger  http://www.corvetteblogger.com/   and I guess there are millions more automobile enthusiasts who agree with me because Keith's site has just been selected as one of the Top 50 automotive sites in North America.  Actually Corvette Blogger is #24 on the list and is among outstanding company like Autoblog, Jalopnik, Car&Driver, MotorTrend, The Detroit Bureau, Hemmings, and Ebay Motors.  The site's success is no surprise based on Cornett's high standards, thorough knowledge of the Corvette and work ethic.  His love of the Corvette clearly shows up in the quality and content of the site.  As you can deduct from the top 25 list below, Corvette Blogger is the number one Corvette site in the country!  A fact that Keith failed to mention.
Keith Cornett with his 1966 Corvette

Some readers may not realize that there are thousands of automotive sites and blogs on the internet.  Many of those sites come and go, frequently surviving less than a year, often because the blog owner does not understand the huge amount of time and effort required to keep it alive.  Some see it as a way to get exposure to hot cars and simply don't understand that it requires years of building credibility before you get invited to a new model introduction.  It's a 24/7 job that frequently requires countless hours of sifting through and interpreting pages of corporate press releases, technical information and news from other sources to bring the readers accurate information. Then it requires knowing the subject matter well enough to ask the right question and be able to understand the answer.  It is being able to determine and evaluate fact from fiction and truth from the tons of BS contaminating the internet.  Then it requires the talent to write an interesting story that holds the reader's attention. 

And if the information gathering and creative sides isn't enough there is the business side, which is actually two dimensional.  You have to have some ability to understand, design and even fix the website if and when it malfunctions. And there has to be a way to pay the bills.  Unless you have the luxury of being able to live off your investments and can devote your life to your blog you need to get monetary support to keep it alive.  So in addition to being a good editor and journalist you have to have a good business background and be competent at selling advertising space to potential sponsors without obligating yourself to their products or services.  Balance, objectivity and honesty are qualities that cannot be compromised.  So, though Keith deservedly had the privilege of previewing and testing the new Corvette C7 last week in Monterey he was well aware that he still had to get Blogger out each day.  He had to insure that the stories got written and posted, so it was not all play in Monterey.

Keith is a family man who lives in Florida and has been involved in automobiles his entire life.  His father owned a C2 which Keith still has.  In 1996 he founded VetteFinders, http://www.vettefinders.com/ the internet's first all-Corvette marketing service to help appraise, evaluate and sell Corvettes.  Since its inception VetteFinders has assisted over 20,000 Corvette owners sell their cars.
Cornett's Other Business

Finally, what you may be unaware of in regards to Cornett is that with all that he does to edit and run the number one Corvette blog/site in the world, he always takes the time necessary to help one of his writers grow and improve.  Unlike some other editors, he always takes the time to answer countless emails and offer help whether it be critiquing an article or helping a Corvette enthusiast sell a Corvette.     
 So take a moment and read the article I borrowed from the Corvette Blogger.   

From Corvette Blogger August 20, 2013  http://www.corvetteblogger.com/
It’s not often we toot our own horn around here, but we learned this week that our site was named one of the top 50 auto blogs in North America. Our actual rank in the Top 50 is #24 so basically we’re in the top 25 of all auto blogs in North America. That’s a great honor and we certainly wouldn’t be there without you, our loyal visitors.
The list of top auto blogs was generated by Cision.com and is based on user views per month and inbound links, using data from Cision’s media database. Here’s the complete list so you can see the kind of company that we keep.
5The Truth About Car
9Hemmings Auto Blogs
10GM FastLane Blog
11Autoblog Spanish
13The Detroit Bureau
14BMW Blog
16Green Car Congress
18Car and Driver Blog
19Asphalt & Rubber
21The Automotive Addicts
23About.com Motorcycles Blog
25Car Lust
27Cyril Huze Post
28Autoblog Canada
29The Torque Report
30The Sidecar
31Road Warrior
32The Official TrueCar Blog
33Motor Trend Blog
34Good Car Bad Car
36National Motorists Association Blog
37eBay Motors Blog
39The GarageBlog
40The Safe Driver
41About.com Auto Repair
42Biker Law Blog
43The Chicane
44Belt Drive Betty’s Blog
45Clean Fleet Report
46Hydrogen Cars and Vehicles
49Hot Rod Blog
50The Weekly Driver

We appreciate the recognition and again we thank you for making CorvetteBlogger.com your source for news and information surrounding the Corvette hobby. Also, a big shout out goes to Steve Burns, Mitch Tally, Rick Tavel and the guys at Corvette Racing who provide us with awesome content and of course thanks to all of our sponsors who run some of the greatest Corvette-related companies in the world.

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